Education for Ministry, or Education, Formation and Ministry, is a coursework and group seminar in which participants study, worship, pray together and learn to think theologically about our everyday lives. The foundation for bringing Christ to the world lies in a church empowered by an active, theologically-articulate laity.Subjects studied are the Old and New Testaments, Church History and Theology. Themes lead the weekly discussion and outline suggestions for theological reflections. The program began in 1975 and is used internationally. More than 60 graduates of the program are members at Saint Stephen’s.

If you would like to know more about the seminar, please call or email Verna Orr at or 616-2298 (Tuesday night group). You may also contact Scott Reed at 515-7916 for information about the Thursday night group. 

The cost of each year’s commitment is $375.00 and all books are included in this fee. Some scholarships are available.

The School of Theology, an institution of the University of the South in Sewanee, Tennessee includes the Beecken Center, a center for lay and clergy education and training. They have published new guides and selected college level texts to be used in the EfM Program. New common lesson books (Interlude term) were added to the curriculum. More changes will be made in the next few years. It is an exciting time to be a part of this self-study and discipleship program. If you are a graduate of EfM and are interested in studying the new material through participation in the EfM experience, we gladly welcome you back!


Year One:     A Short History of the Hebrew Bible  by John J. Collins; The Holy Bible, Old Testament and Apocrypha

Year Two:     Introducing The New Testament  by Mark Allan Powell; The Holy Bible, New Testament

Year ThreeChristianity, The First Three Thousand Years by Diarmaid MacCulloch

Year Four:   Theology for a Troubled Believer by Diogenes Allen; The Christian Moral Life: Practices of Piety by Timothy F. Sedgwick; My Neighbor’s Faith edited by J. Howe Peace, Or N. Rose; and Gregory Mobley.