Family Resources

 Meal Time Prayer Cube for Kids

Meal time blessings and bedtime prayers are natural ways to invite God into your family’s daily life.

Here is a simple ministry craft idea that will help children learn to pray before meals. All you need is:

 Cover the gift box with colored paper. Have your child cut out the 6 prayers and tape or glue one to each side of the box. Use your prayer cube at your dinner table or in your car for meals on the go!

 Teaching Your Child to Pray 

 Here are some prayer prompts to help your child learn to pray.

Family Table Conversations Starters

 Check out these weekly conversation starters to get everyone talking around the table or in the car heading to after school activities.

Back to School Breakfast Devotions

Start the new school year by adding God’s Word to your family’s breakfast menu. Like a good breakfast, incorporating this simple practice into your daily routine will help everyone start the day right!