Pentecost XII, John Burruss
Pentecost XI, Jamie McAdams
Pentecost X, John Burruss
Pentecost IX, Jamie McAdams
Pentecost VIII, John Burruss
Pentecost VII, John Burruss
Pentecost VI, John Burruss
Pentecost V, Jamie McAdams
Pentecost III, Jamie McAdams
Pentecost II, John Burruss
Jamie McAdams Pentecost
Easter VI, John Burruss
Easter VII, John Burruss
Youth Sunday, Easter V, Nic Parmer
Easter IV, Jamie McAdams
Easter III, John Burruss
Easter II, Al Johnson
Renewal of Ministry With Welcoming of a New Rector, Kee Sloan
Easter, John Burruss
Easter Vigil
Good Friday, Jamie McAdams
Maundy Thursday, John Burruss
Palm Sunday, Jamie McAdams
Lent V, John Burruss
John Burruss, Lent V
Jamie McAdams, Lent IV
John Burruss, Lent III
John Burruss, Lent II
Jamie McAdams, Lent I
John Burruss, Ash Wednesday
Jamie McAdams, February 11
February 4, Camp Sunday, John Burruss
John Burruss Epiphany IV
Epiphany III, John Burruss
Epiphany II, Jamie McAdams
Epiphany I, Jamie McAdams
Christmas Day Jamie McAdams
Christmas Eve Jamie McAdams
Advent IV Jamie McAdams
Jamie McAdams Advent III
Youth Sunday - Annie and Molly O'Neill
Jamie McAdams November 26
Evan Garner - Consecration Sunday, November 19
Jamie McAdams November 12
November 5 Donna Gerold
Jamie McAdams October 22
CJ Van Slyke ECW Sunday
Jamie McAdams October 8
Jamie McAdams October 1
Steve DeGweck September 24
Steve DeGweck Sept 17
Steve DeGweck Sept 10
Steve DeGweck September 3
Ron DelBene August 27
Steve DeGweck August 20