Practicing Yoga as Prayer

Healing our Spirits: Practicing Yoga as Prayer            

Wednesdays from 9:00-­‐10:30am in the Parish Hall 


This class is free and no prior experience is required


St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church


Kate Tremblay, Instructor ( 


"Let Us Pray"

When those three little words are spoken during our worship together, we join our bodies, minds and spirits as one, regardless of our differences.  There is a hush in the sanctuary as we stand or kneel and ready ourselves to enter into subtle conversation with a reality we cannot see, only feel and trust and experience through one another and through Gods creation.  Whether we are giving thanks, humbly acknowledging our mistakes, asking for guidance, or simply listening, in prayer we are together with God, in God, and we are invited to soften the hard places in our hearts and let love touch us 


Practicing yoga as prayer is to heed the invitation to soften the hard places in our bodies, hearts, and minds and trustfully relax and breathe with what is challenging, in the pose, and in our lives. By participating in this type of yoga practice, we join with one another in opening to love, to each other, to what God is doing in our lives.