Prayer Shawls

Our ministry uses donated or purchased yarns to make prayer shawls of various colors, sizes and textures. We have labels indicating that they are from our ministry and we sew a small metal cross beside it. We have many people who take the yarn home and we don’t see them until they bring the finished product.

Our pastoral care team lets us know who and when these are needed. They have a beautiful card attached, signifying the blessing.

We will teach you how to knit and/or crochet; and provide you with yarn and needles.

Time required:
Time spent either on your own or with our group is very rewarding. It can be 30 minutes or more.

Prayer Beads
Prayer beads are made by many groups within the parish. We keep a supply in the office. They are in small silk bags with a prayer attached. When the supply gets low, or if we have a need of many, we get together and string them. You can usually do a set of pocket beads in half an hour.

Contact: Dee Shirley @ 205-531-8369