Sunday Mornings

Sunday Morning Adult Formation

ADVENT BOOK STUDY - Songs in Waiting

November 5 - December 3, Room 228

Led by the Rev. Deacon CJ Van Slyke

Inspiring reflection and a sense of wonder along the faith journey of Advent, Songs in Waiting is a book of spiritual meditations focusing on the ancient Middle Eastern songs celebrating the birth of Jesus: the Song of Mary (the Magnificat), the Song of Zacharius (the Benedictus), the Song of Angels (the Gloria), and the Song of Simeon (Nunc Dimittis).

These four songs, full of hope, mystery and divine purpose, have played an important part of Christian worship for two thousand years, inspiring the work of many artists and musicians over the centuries. In these four classes we will hear the ancient songs sung by one of our choir members, we will learn more about the biblical meaning and traditions and we will reflect on the art of Daniel Bonnell. This literary and visual presentation breathes new life into the scenes surrounding Christ’s coming.

This 4-week Advent presentation starts November 5th at 10:15am.

You may go to Amazon for the book, “Songs in Waiting” by Paul-Gordon Chandler .  Books are available HERE.