Sunday Mornings

Sunday Morning Adult Formation


September 17 - October 22, Parish Hall

Led by Rev. Thomas Joynor (Chaplain, Trinity Commons Birmingham Episcopal Campus Ministries)

We meet Jesus best by what we read in the Gospels, and Matthew's Gospel presents us with distinctive understanding of Jesus.  But Matthew also presents us with a gospel asking us to reflect on who we are as we encounter Jesus.  Through exegesis and discussion we'll take a look at some key passages of Matthew's gospel that ask us to say who Jesus is, and thus who we are when we meet him.  


September 17 - October 22, Room 228

Facilitated by Bill McCarty and Sam Johnston

Scholars John Dominic Crossan and Marcus Borg explore the questions:  Why did Jesus happen when he happened?  Whe the confluence of the Baptism Movement of John and the Kingdom Movement of Jesus?  Why the tiny villages around the Lake?  Why the confrontations in Jerusalem?  Why then?  Why there?

Each class will begin with a session of the DVD that will be followed by discussion.  Optional written materials will be made available via email.  Free free to drop in for individual sessions if you cannot attend the entire series.


November 5 - December 3, Room 228

Led by the Rev. Deacon CJ Van Slyke

Advent and Christmas are seasons of surprises.  They are also seasons about anticipation, waiting, and singing.  God's surprises are nowhere more evident than in the songs Luke shares with us surrounding the birth of Jesus.  Come learn and reflect about these four ancient and sacred canticles through scripture, art, and music.  Rediscover the sense of wonder as we look for God in all things.  Our primary resource will be a book by Paul Gordon Chandler called "Songs in Waiting".  Books are available HERE.