Vestry Nominations

Vestry and Delegate Nominations

Our annual parish election will be held on Wednesday, November 29, and Sunday, December 3.  We are electing four new vestry members to serve three year terms and one new vestry member to serve a one year term. In addition, we will elect three new convention delegates. Nomination forms will be on a table in the upstairs hallway. Please read the following qualifications and requirements as you prayerfully consider candidates.


Conditions and Qualification for Vestry member’s serving a three year term:


Responsibilities of Vestry members: 

Serving on the Vestry is a ministry. The Vestry is responsible for the fiscal and spiritual leadership of the parish, and thus requires a commitment of mind, spirit and time.  Specific responsibilities are: Attend church regularly; Support the parish by attendance and participation in programs and events; Provide leadership [as Liaison/Chair] in ministries of the parish; With the Rector, envision and develop the mission and ministry of the parish; Attend all Vestry meetings; Attend the annual Vestry retreat during January and other special meetings as needed; Periodically lead Bible Study and prayer at Vestry meetings.


Qualifications: Nominees for Vestry should be willing to take on a leadership role in the church. They must be an active Confirmed member of Saint Stephen's who is at least 17 years old and has a record of contributing to the support of the parish budget.


In addition to the above qualifications, prior vestry experience is required for the one new vestry member to be elected to serve a one year term.


Current Vestry Members  (three year term)


2016-2018: Jeanne Shearer, Mary Yancey, Wes Pierce

2017-2019: Jimmy Gauld, Alex Abenoja, Roy Smith, Angie Parmer

2015-2017: Larry Kiker, Jeff Kuehr, Jerry Norman, Joan Short*


*Term is ending and these members must wait at least one year before being nominated again.


Convention Delegate Election

Interest, devotion and involvement in the wider church are important.  Delegates  attend the regular annual diocesan convention held in February, as well as any additional special meetings.  Delegates serve a 3-year term. 


Current Convention Delegates:

2015-2017: Elizabeth Noles, Lisa Rutherford, Sharon Yeager*

2016-2018: Kay Laumer, Philip Passafiume

2017-2019: Pat Bills, Robert Heithaus, Tom Robertshaw


*Term is ending and these delegates must wait at least one year before being nominated again.



How to Nominate: First, get the permission of the individual you wish to nominate. Then have the candidate complete the Qualifications and Statement of Interest section on the nomination form.


Deadline for Nominations: Nomination forms should be turned into Jen Manning in the church office no later than December 3. Nominations may be made until the day of the election. HOWEVER, in order for us to publish information about the nominees, please make them by November 12.   This is not the cut-off to accept nominations, only the latest date we will be able to publish bios of the nominees.